Be A Person Of Prayer!

Psalms 109:4 NIV | “In return for my friendship they accuse me, but I am a man of prayer.

The Passion Translation says: “Though I love them, they stand accusing me like Satan for what I’ve never done. I will pray until I become prayer itself.” Wow!

By the leadership of the Holy Spirit through the Reverend, we’ve been challenged to a life of fasting and prayer. Prior to this time, I hadn’t been as persistent and consistent in prayer as I ought to. But prayer should be the lifeline of any child of God. Jesus couldn’t overemphasise its place.

Prayer purifies us. Prayer sensitizes us. (Mathew 26:41) Prayer transfigures us. (Luke 9:29) Prayer aligns us. (Luke 22:42) The weakness of the flesh is overpowered by prayer. A moment spent with God is more rewarding than a thousand elsewhere. When you become a person of prayer, and of the presence of God, like our text says, enemy arrows cannot thrive in your life. Be revived today!