Awaken_America Recently, the LORD sent me on a special mission to the USA to deliver a message of revival and restoration to that great nation. And in response, I’ve been travelling around speaking in Churches, radio, television, and as well as speaking to individuals – particularly leaders – as well as small groups.

A very common question that I’ve been asked – whether it is in Tampa, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Tulsa, etc., – is “Why are you here? What message are you bringing?”

During an interview on Focus 4, Cornerstone Television, Tim Burgan specifically asked me, “I know that the LORD has sent you to the United States not just to stir up healing, and deliverance and things like that, but you have a message you feel like God has given you for America. What is the word…”

Everywhere I’ve been and spoken, my message has remained simple and straightforward: return back to God, to the values and principles of Scripture upon which your nation was founded.

Here’s an interesting scripture that helps express my insight into the purpose of God for this nation:

“…smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered…” ~ Zechariah 13:7

The above verse fits perfectly into the so called 80/20 principle – law of the few, which is that certain individuals, or handful of people are critical to the success of any enterprise.

This is not only true of individuals, but it’s also true of nations. Just as God chooses individuals, He also chooses nations and endows them with unique features to play certain strategic roles in His overall purpose for humanity.

America is one nation that has been chosen by God to bear His light and model His ways on the earth.

Unfortunately this is the very reason satan is very much active in distracting this nation from God. And he appears to be doing a very good job at it.

Consequently, God has been displaced in the consciousness of Americans by money, self, and other things.

And He has sent me here as a prophet to this nation to call her back to Himself so He can continue to use her for the reasons He raised her.  The Awaken America mission is fundamentally about challenging Americans to personal submission to the sovereignty of God, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and to the authority, principles, and revelations of the Holy Bible.

Stunning results

So far, the results have been stunning. Two days ago I was notified by my website hosts in Texas that they couldn’t deal with the traffic on my blog and had to shut it down for several hours.

This is a clearly Christian blog that challenges people to intimacy with God and to deepen their faith. And, honestly, its somewhat amazing to me that a Christian blog like this would attract that much traffic.

But this is simply a testimony to how hungry people are for God.

WD_worship_1 I have also been travelling around this nation delivering this message in Churches, Home Churches, Christian Groups, and Bible Institutions. The response has been the same as I called upon people to return to God and yield to Him the premium place in their priorities.

I spoke at the Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa and couldn’t even finish because over 300 students broke into tears crying out to God. The director told me that several minutes after we’d left the building, it was still jammed with students crying out to God – showing that it had nothing to do with me.

There is a real hunger for God in this nation, but we must respond appropriately.

Within this week, I’ll be on radio and television to continue to deliver this message. I ask you to pray for I and my Team here that we will speak with boldness and deliver God’s message to this nation with absolute integrity.

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Namuttu Gilbert
Namuttu Gilbert

am a ugandan 25 years old,backlidded christain, and i would like to descovery my purpose on earth, or my dreams.

thank you.