How much are you really worth?

In other words, if it were possible to place all the wealth and resources of this entire universe on a scale in comparison to you, your intrinsic worth will outweigh them all! Your worth is absolutely incalculable. Your value is higher than the value of the entire material universe because you are worth the life of God Himself! Discover yourself!

Self Discovery

In this day of peer pressure, trends, and fads, you need to realize and protect your unique identity. This is not an easy task. It’s a daily, minute by minute battle. Courageously choose and determine to accept and be the person God has made you to be. Tap into the originality and creative genius of God in your life. Discover yourself today, and start achieving your own personal success.

Yes, you have a mission!

‘Who you are’ is one and the same with ‘why you are’; the two can never be separated! It is clear then that you don’t determine or define yourself, you discover yourself.

No man can tell you whether you are successful or not; you are your own judge on the matter. If you need another person to tell you whether or not you’ve been successful, then that success is hollow and empty. True personal success is a subjective experience that can only be validated by a deep and abiding inner joy and happiness within you.

9 Very Inspiring Benefits of Blogging

I’ve been blogging now for just about 7 months, but am already enjoying several benefits. Here are is a brief list of 9 very inspiring benefits I’ve derived so far from blogging: Expanded opportunities for service and influence #1. I’ve had the privilege of reaching and serving tens of thousands of readers from over 70 […]

Greatness attracts criticisms

Don’t try to please everybody. First of all, you can’t. Secondly, that’s a recipe for certain failure and frustration. Thirdly, you’ll go crazy. Don’t live your life trying to get everyone to like and compliment your efforts; thats a formula for a life of misery and frustration. I don’t care how good or experienced anyone is, you must reserve your right to dismiss their so-called expert opinions. Expertise has often been a mask for arrogant ignorance.

Transcend all religious uniformities!

Take hold of your own mind. Think for yourself – think your own thoughts. Be transformed – in other words, escape the mold of religious uniformity that stifles all variations. Yes, transcend all religious uniformities!
Cherish your own unique perspectives of spiritual realities and truths, embrace them with courage, express them without fear, and yet have the humility to recognize and learn from others who might differ from you.