How To Sow and Reap Fast and Fabulous Harvests

My favorite part of each Sunday service is usually the time for the offering – that time-segment in any religious service when we give our monies as acts of worship to God. Offerings, sacrifices, and all other forms of material and non-material giving have been an integral and essential aspect of religious life and worship […]

Time Accelerators 2

In the next 3000 years, a lot of what we’ll refer to as miracles today would be done by humans as a normal part of their daily living. The difference will lie in the fact that they’ll have acquired greater awareness and understanding of the universal laws of life and existence. 50 years from now, some of the things we do in weeks and months, will be accomplished in a matter of seconds as a result of greater knowledge of the underlying designs and mysteries of life.

3 Very Simple Ways To Solve All Your Problems

Living happily and successfully is mostly a matter of how you solve all your problems.  My objective in this very brief post is to show you 3 powerful problem-solving attitudes.  They are: Avoid a quick-fix and jerky approach towards solving your problems. Determine the specific underlying causes of your problems. Diligently implement solutions that address […]

Time Waster?

I came across an article recently that listed the following as time wasters: Watching TV Online Social Networking – Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Playing Video Games. Are they really time wasters? Well, for someone like me, they are not! I mean, think of how my work and ministry has been impacted and built up by Twitter.. […]

Human Opinion is Plastic 3

My blog posts this week have been focused on the subject of human opinion and I’ve consistently stated that human opinion is plastic.  What people think of you does not matter as much as what you think of yourself. You can click on the following links for a quick look at what we’ve covered so […]

Human Opinion is Plastic

During my early twenties, I reached the conclusion that human opinion is plastic, in other words, it’s not something to build on. Ultimately, what others think about you doesn’t really count as much as what you think about yourself.  It doesn’t matter who they are – spouses, children, parents, siblings, friends, well wishers, colleagues, critics, […]