The Power of God is Already at Work in Your Life to Give You Victory and Lift You to New Levels of Glory!

Depend totally on the Holy Spirit. Let Him take you by your hand and bring you to heights and realms you could never even imagine.

Who Are These Blissful People?

I know that many, even among us, are wondering, who are these Blissful People? And what are they up to? Is it a church or what? Is it a ministry? Well, let’s get some answers.So, pay attention and learn. First of all, we’re not a ministry, and we’re not building one. I wouldn’t even describe […]

Be Completely Free Right Now From All Financial Debts And Harrassments in Jesus Name!l

The Holy Spirit is lifting a standard right now in your life against all the forces of lack and debt! This is your season! It will not pass you by!

May You Forever Be Wrapped In The Love And Glory Of The Holy Spirit! In Jesus Name!

“Yet, you know what? The moment my Presence manifested in your room to wake you, every single demon anywhere near you vanished instantaneously!”