As The Ocean

Hello Blissfuls! đź’• Today is Financial Favour Friday, and here’s a vision the Holy Spirit gave me for myself and His Blissfuls: You are vast and stretch beyond the horizon; beyond what the eyes can see. You are unlimited, limitless and inexhaustible. The heavens, the earth and all of creation take from you. Yet, the […]

Four Powerful Rewards Of Patience

Patience is one of the capacities we need to develop in order to enjoy more of God’s supplies in this life.

Rejoice With Those That Rejoice

Receive grace today to rise above envy and jealousy. Receive a peaceful mind today. And may your body be filled with sound health. In Jesus name. Amen.

What God Has Prepared For Those Who Love Him

Our hope—what God has prepared for us in eternity—is beyond the grasp of human imagination and intellect. Yet, you can know it by the Spirit.

The Elements Will Be Destroyed By Fire

All one hundred and eighteen of them—included any that may have been omitted in the periodic table—will melt in the heat.

A Bright And Shining Light In A Dark And Selfish World

If you have the Holy Spirit in you, it means you possess the power to be a Jesus martyr! In other words, the power to stand for God no matter the cost.

Inoculation Against Christmas Demons

Greed and coveteousness are twin demons, and they will plunge a lot of people into ruin this Christmas season. May you be wise enough not to be infected by the disease. In Jesus name.

One Of These Days You’ll See Him Face To Face

Your desire for the Holy Spirit is intense. Your heart cries out to Him to know Him more. You want to know Him intimately. You want to hear His voice each and every moment; comforting you; guiding you.

That You Might Grow In Your Knowledge Of God

Are you getting to know God better? Are you becoming more intimate with Him and enjoying greater harmony in your relationship with Him?