Attention Fathers!

A strong and godly family is a joy to have and to behold. However, it doesn’t happen by mere chance. To have this treasure, you have to personally adopt the paradigm of God; and secondly, have a spouse who tows the same path with you.

In addition, the third thing is that you must direct your children and your household in the ways of the Lord from day one. Don’t leave anything to chance. Take care to train them with the word of God. Teach them about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the truth of God’s word and the character of God from the first day. Of course, you can’t show them these things if you personally don’t know them; that’s why that’s the first thing you should see to.

From the very first day, give them a Bible, and have a church in your house. Yesterday, I was told that while my wife was teaching the kids, the Holy Spirit visited them and they had a wonderful time in God’s presence. Such things thrill my heart.

During my childhood days, my father usually came to our family morning devotion with three Bibles. Sometimes, he adds two notebooks which he uses to preach to us; and with such a serious expression on his face, you would think he was giving a talk at a world conference. He will preach for at least one hour, every morning, and use the sermon to address everything. He’ll use the Bible to talk about our shoes, dressing, attitudes, character, the bucket in the kitchen, every single facet of our lives. No aspect of our family life was hidden from his scrutiny.

My father had a vision of what he wanted for his family. He had a clear-cut picture of how we should live our lives. And, I’m blessed to have a man like him as my father.

Many folks may not have the kind of fatherhood I had, but I’ve made up my mind to help those I can. God will help me to present what I’ve learnt to those who may not have had the opportunity. The lesson here is simple: don’t joke with your family altar.