Are You There?

Are you there?

The motivational speaker declares to his enthusiastic audience, "You will get there!" They shout back at him, "Yea!"
Again, vibrating and shaking his pointed finger at them,  he proclaims, "I say you will get there!"  This time, they all jump to their feet, stomping all over the auditorium, and again screaming back at him, "Yea!"
And all the time, I’m sitting and silently wondering, "Where is there?"

Well, in this post, let me pose some interesting questions, and share some  intriguing thoughts on the subject of ‘there’.

What is ‘there’?

Where is it?
In what terms do you, or should it be defined?

Is it some preferred reality, or an expected future? A dream you seek to realize, or a goal you aim to achieve? A deep seated aspiration, or a passionate ambition?

Is it something hoisted upon you by culture, tradition, and religion, or is something you discover yourself?

Is it a virtue, an experience, or a position? Is it visible and tangible, or is it their opposites?

Is ‘there’ a substantial location or shifting optical illusion? Does it really exist?

When you get there will you know? Is it absolutely definite, or does its nature and form keep evolving with every step you take towards it?

So far, two of the most intriguing thoughts I’ve received on this concept came from two siblings:

One said, ‘I think we are already there.’
The other said, "I think I am the ‘there’!"

What thoughts!
I am there…
I am the ‘there’…

Another person said, "When you get ‘there’, you discover another ‘there’."


So, what do you think?
Do you have a ‘there’?
Where is it? What is it?

Are you there?
Please, talk to us.

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