Are you a Victim of Charismatic Manipulations?

Before you do anything for God, you must check your heart very well. Is it really coming from your heart? Or are you doing it to impress someone? Are you being cleverly coerced into doing it? Is your worship coming from a grateful heart? Or are you a victim of charismatic manipulations?

Listen, if you’re doing it under pressure, it’s not acceptable to God. Maybe some people are manipulating you and subtly twisting your arm to sacrifice for God.  If you go ahead and do it out of compulsion, it’s abhorrent to God. He loathes such worship. Such sacrifices don’t please Him.

All those kinds of gimmicks and tricks are nauseating to God.  Sometimes you watch disturbing scenes on Christian Television networks.  It’s so embarrassing to see what so called men of God are doing; how they exploit their congregation. They take advantage of their members. Just like the Roman soldiers in the time of Jesus used the spears and the swords in manipulating and intimidating people, what is being used today by preachers is the Bible.

So, when you allow yourself to be compelled and arm-twisted to sacrifice to God, your worship will not be acceptable to Him. It’s important you get this.

If you want to offer acceptable worship to God, then your sacrifice must be voluntary. It must be willing. It must be cheerful. It must be borne out of affection; and it must come from a grateful heart.

And if you find yourself in a position of leadership over people, you must be careful not to coax people to do things for God. Be careful not to manipulate them into making sacrifices that they are not whole-heartedly in support of.  Be sure that the willingness to sacrifice for God is there, because He detests worship given under compulsion.