An Extraordinary Testimony Of God’s Love

On RYD of August 10, 2019, I shared a story with you. Read it again, because it will help you appreciate today’s testimony.

The testimony below is from that same person. I received it recently and it really touched my heart. I had decided not to share it publicly; to just keep it to myself for my own personal inspiration. The Lord, however wanted it otherwise.

So, I’ll post it exactly as it was sent to me; respecting the request to keep it anonymous, of course.

Here’s an extraordinary testimony of the Holy Spirit’s love:

“I want to share my testimony with the Reverend, and for him to broadcast it anonymously.

(My name is ———)
Reverend visited the US sometime last year and insisted on seeing me. He came to New York and we met in a restaurant, because I had accommodation issues as at then.

He prayed for me, and asked about my immigration status. I told him everything and explained my challenges to him. Instead of scolding me, he said the Holy Spirit asked him to pray for me. After the prayer, he told me that God will give me phenomenal blessings and testimony.

Indeed, the Lord has given me a phenomenal testimony! Instead of 2 years, my petition was approved for 10 years! I’m expecting the card in my email by Tuesday, according to the mail I received.

All I have to say, is ‘Thank you Lord!’”

Please rejoice with this Blissful. Then, share your own testimony in the comment.