An Appearance Of Self-Control

Do you constantly berate yourself and wish you were like some other highly spiritual and disciplined leader? This story might just get you to pause and ponder.

In a society where homosexuality is considered an abomination worthy of the death penalty, the pastor of a vibrant charismatic congregation struggled secretly with his homosexual impulses.

One day, a member of his leadership team, and who was a fervent admirer and disciple of his, approached him with a request: “I need you to lay hands on me to become like you.”

“In what way?” the pastor asked.

“Because I am inspired by your discipline and self control,” he replied. 

Looking interestingly at him, the pastor requested further clarifications.

“You are a young man like me, surrounded by pretty young women,” the team member continued. “Yet, very unlike me, you are not attracted to them at all.”

“Contrary to your personal example, and in spite of my endless praying, fasting, and resolutions,” he complained, “I am unable to overcome my lustful and sexual attractions to women.”

“I desperately want what you want,” he concluded.

With a wry grimace, the pastor placed his hand on the team member’s shoulder and said emphatically, “You have no idea what you’re talking about. You definitely don’t want what I’ve got. Trust me.”