Always Speak From A Place Of Love

You are a life-giver. This is one of the new creation realities. So you have to be mindful of what you give life to. You have to be careful what you speak into the lives of folks around you, so that you don’t give life to a low self esteem and destroy someone. Be careful not to give life to the wrong things.

I found out that if we begin to control what we say, we can have a better environs; we can have more peaceful homes; we can have more productive businesses; and we can have healthier bodies. Don’t just say things because you’re in a state of panic. If you lash out, you might feel good; but then you have destroyed someone else, and that person might never recover for years to come.

And sometimes you set up a vicious cycle because now you’ve sown this ball of bitterness and anger to this person. Maybe that person has two thousand times more bitterness than the one you threw at them. So the one you threw at them reacts with theirs, and the person lashes right back at you.  The fire balls begins to go back and forth, and what happens next? The relationship is messed up. Evil, wickedness and anger begin to spread all over the environment and things begin to die; there is destruction all over the place.

But if you can understand who you are, and that you have control over your tongue, and make sure that what you say comes out of a place of faith, love, courage and strength, then you will actually begin to walk more in the realities of our new creation. You will begin to give life to the right things. Always speak from a place of love.