Always Guided By The Holy Spirit

Yesterday was Financial Favour Friday. As always, many of us participated and expressed our love for the Holy Spirit through our giving. I am absolutely convinced that God has received our offerings and will multiply them back to us a hundred times.

Be reminded today that Blissful People giving is always to the Holy Spirit Himself. When you give here you’re not giving to man. You’re not giving to an organization. You’re not giving to a cause. You’re not giving to fund an event or program. Absolutely not! That’s not the Blissful People giving mindset.

Our mentality and belief here is that when we give, it’s directly to the Holy Spirit Himself in obedience to His instruction, from a heart of love.

And this is why the most important thing is that you always seek His mind on what to give, so that your giving will be borne of the Spirit. Always ensure that what you give is guided by His prompting in your heart.

It is also important to be consistent every Financial Favour Friday. (This instruction is only for all Blissful People—if you consider yourself one of the Blissful People, then this instruction is for you. If not, then ignore it.)

What really matters is that you are giving what the Holy Spirit tells you to give each Favour Friday, and that you are consistent. As long as you’re giving consistently by the Spirit, the amount is insignificant. In other words, in your Favour Friday giving, focus on giving by the Spirit, and giving consistently each FF.

The aim of this message is to encourage Blissful People to focus more on being faithful and consistent in our Favour Friday giving.

Right now, I’m moved to do something we’ve never done here before: that is, extend FF giving to today. So, if you didn’t give yesterday for any reason, here’s your opportunity. Do so immediately. Don’t waste a moment.

Today is Financial Favour Friday!

Every Financial Favour Friday offering is a Love Gift to the Holy Spirit.
So, give blissfully and generously!