Adversities are opportunities

Are you going through a season of adversities right now?
I can imagine that times are quite hard at the moment…bills to be paid, outstanding debts breathing down ferociously on you; it can be quite torturing.

Yet, I’ve got some interesting news for you, adversities herald the change of levels!
One important mystery of life that I’ve discovered is that new levels are preceded by new devils!
This is why you must develop yourself to embrace challenges with courage – the boldness to move forward in the face of adversities and storms of life.
Yes, you too can be a champion.

Champions feed on challenges and adversities.
In fact, champions need challenges for distinction, in the same way that light needs darkness to enhance it’s glow.
This is why greatness thrives and actually rejoices in adversities.

To thrive in adversities, you need strength – inner, spiritual strength.

“If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.” – Proverbs 24:10

In other words, the problem is not the adversity, the problem is the lack of strength! Think on that.
The external challenges, and adversities of life are not the reasons for men’s failures, it’s the lack of inner spiritual strength.
A person on a lower plane of spiritual enlightenment would wish for the absence of adversities and hence make choices and decisions that will waste him or her in the wilderness places of life. This is the real danger of timidity and fear; it drives you to choose paths of least resistance and conflict – which are often the manipulator’s trap.

A wise man on the other hand would build his or her strength so as to ride the storms of adversities to new heights and new levels in life. For a wise man – a champion – adversities are opportunities for personal development and advancement.

If you want to thrive in the midst of adversities, you will need to give high priority to strength building.


Let us meditate on top priority strengths that you must dedicate yourself to building:

#1 The Lord

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song. The Lord is the strength of his people, a fortress of salvation for his anointed one” – Psalm 28:7,8

The Lord is the Creator of the universe. He is the Maker of all things. He is the fountain of inspiration and strength.
You develop this strength through fellowship with the Lord, personal devotion to God’s word, spiritual meditations, praying and fasting.
Every time you set yourself apart to do any of these things, you are building an inner spiritual strength that will serve you well in the times of adversities.

#2 Joy

“…for the joy of the Lord is your strength” – Nehemiah 8:10

This is not the ephemeral happiness that is dependent on superficial circumstances; it is the deep and abiding joy that comes from your union with the Being that gives you daily life. It is the kind of joy that enables you to laugh at the storm, scorning it’s viciousness and ferocity.

You develop this joy by constantly staying in God’s presence.
Also by constantly confessing His words.

#3 Knowledge

Strength comes from knowledge.

“A wise man has great power, and a man of knowledge increases strength.” – Proverbs 24:5

Pay attention to the cultivation of wisdom and knowledge in your life. When your mind is filled with the knowledge of God and His ways, you will walk on storms; you will soar above the billowing waves of life’s adversities. You grow in this kind of wisdom by meditating on the Word of God.


“…build yourselves up in your most holy faith…” – Jude 20

Faith is a spiritual strength.
By it miracles are performed and promises obtained.
By it men and women perform phenomenal deeds and prevail over adversities.
You build it up by diligently meditating on God’s word.

Adversities are opportunities for personal development and advancement, but it’s only so if you have well developed inner spiritual strength.
So build up your inner spiritual strength so as to ride the storms of adversities to new heights and new levels.

Are you going through stormy times?
How are you coping?

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amadi otuosro
amadi otuosro

It is wonderful to drop that level of truth;the people of old heard Jesus speak such and the called it a hard truth,Let this generation hear it that adversity is the wheel that will take you to the top, Jesus walked on waters to show us that the way to greatness is adversity,May God continue to strengthen and inspire you to feed this generation with such wonderful truth,


I understand what it means to look into the future and wonder where your help comes from. At this moment, it actually gives me great joy and inspiration to know that in spite of the ‘scary’ prospects ahead, there’s an inner strength that is empowering you to move ahead with greater confidence. May God strengthen you the more. I’ll be praying for you though.


This is a great post! December 31st will be my last day at my J-O-B and yet I can’t seem to find fear, anxiety or anger in it. I find that I am excited and “looking” for the opportunity that is coming my way. Yes, we have bills and we want to purchase a house etc. but I have this deep sense of peace that it’s all going to work out better than I could imagine. . . I believe that because as I’ve grown I’ve watched changes become blessings over and over again. Thank you for letting others know from whence cometh the strength.