Blissful People Hangout #3

Last Saturday, during our Hangout, I introduced the Holy Spirit’s love command to all Blissful People everywhere: Adopt one of His Blissful People as your flock.

And I’m grateful to Dr Adanma Ekenna for helping us articulate that command on Rule Your Day a few days ago. Click here to read it again.

Adopt A Flock (Review)

Today, let us reflect on this command. Each of us should examine how compliant we’ve been so far with this command.

  1. Are you aware of this command?
  2. Have you adopted a Blissful yet as your flock?
  3. Have you been faithfully ensuring that your flock participates in all the activities of Blissful People?
  4. Has your obedience to this command affected you in any way?

I will appreciate it if you will take the time to share your experiences in today’s comments.