Kids way to future I overheard an auto mechanic here in Nigeria pouring out his frustrations recently. He complained that “the market for Peugeot repairs is no longer moving.”

I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in recent times!

I wondered where this guy had been living all this while. I mean, just a casual glance out through his windows would have been enough to tell him that the kinds of cars he’d been fixing were no longer in circulation. Alas, he was too stuck and rigid in his ‘trade’ that the world has now passed him by, and rendered him completely irrelevant, frustrated, and headed towards poverty and oblivion.

How pathetic…

My dear friend, we live in a dynamic environment.
So, life is never static; it’s ever evolving, changing, and taking new shapes.

New realities are continuously emerging to modify, or displace old realities.

So, what are you doing about it?
Are your knowledge, skills, and talents evolving rapidly enough to stay ahead of the dynamism of your chosen field, environment, or industry?

Job security increasingly has very little to do with what you studied, or what company you work for.
It now has more to do with your flexibility, and capacity to evolve, and adapt in sync, or ahead of the changes in your environment.

Churches, businesses, individuals, and every other thing for that matter, that refuse to adapt and evolve, will inevitably go into extinction. We are seeing that happen daily.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” ~ Charles Darwin

So, how rapidly are you adapting and evolving in terms of your leadership, communication, marketing, study, and learning techniques?

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