In What Ways Will Those Activities Create The End That You Seek?

A lot of times, you can get so engrossed in activities that we tend to miss the point.  You can get caught up in busyness that you forget to ask yourself, ‘How relevant is what I’m doing to my overall mission?’ The essence of this message is to get you to detach mentally and emotionally from whatever you’re doing, so that you can do a review and know if there’s a point to it.

I would like you to think about your life right now. Think about your successes and your achievements.  Take time out and reflect on your experiences. Ruminate over all the activities that you’re engaged in currently: projects, events, relationships lined up ahead of you.

Then ask yourself, ‘What’s the point?’

Get a little detached from all that’s going on in your life at the moment and ask yourself the question, ‘what’s the point to all these?’

I’ve taught you that you are from God, and you are sent into this world for a reason. You have a mission from God that you have to accomplish.

Now, take some time and ponder on these questions:

What’s the point to all the things going on in your life? In what ways will those activities create the end that you seek? How will they facilitate the fulfillment of your mission?  How can all the events and projects that you’re engaged in help you create your preferred reality? How will they aid the accomplishment of the assignment that God has brought you here to do?  In what ways will that relationship that you’re involved in help you fulfill your God-given mission?

Scrutinize your life now. Analyze every facet of it. Detach from every activity that is pointless. Disengage from all undertakings that don’t enable you fulfill your mission. Cut off from ventures and folks that don’t enable the realization of your dreams and focus on the point.