Actions Matter (1) : A Cord Of Three Strands

Ecclesiastes 4:12 | “… a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

In previous posts, I wrote about the importance of your thoughts and words in creating bliss. This series explores the third component needed to complete the circle : your actions. Your thoughts create forms in eternity. Your words power these forms. Then your actions cause them to happen in time and space. Your thoughts, words and actions constitute a cord of three strands that is not easily broken.

Not long ago, I saw a manifestation in my life that I didn’t like. And the Holy Spirit showed me the exact combination of fearful thoughts, negative words and a harmful habit that produced that in my life. I was shocked.

So, check your actions. Are they in alignment with your desired thoughts and words? Or are your actions sabotaging your blissful thoughts and words of victory? Receive help from the Holy Spirit today to discern actions that are holding you down and stop them immediately. Receive strength to embrace actions that will deliver the Father’s best to you.