A Wonderful Opportunity!

The Lord has invited us again to spend time with Him – 100 days, starting April 1 to July 9, 2011 – in fasting and praying; away from the tumult and cares of this life.

I am personally excited about this because of my awareness of the power of a sustained season of fasting and praying.

This is a wonderful opportunity to focus our spirits, souls, and bodies on God’s eternal and powerful Word, for strength, stability, and speed.

Powerful breakthroughs…

I believe that during this 100-Day Fast, we’ll access higher realms of spiritual awareness and supernatural revelations that will transform our lives and our worlds. The metamorphosis – I’m sure – will be awesome.

Without any shadows of doubts, I know there will be mysterious breakthroughs in our ministries, our finances, and our health.

Our last fasting exercise – that lasted for 54 days – was accompanied by tremendous personal breakthroughs and victories. Our ministry leaped to new levels of growth and impact like we’ve never had before. If it was so for 54 days, imagine the result of 100 days of concentrated fasting and praying!

100-Day Fast Newsletter…

During this fast, I will share the prayers I’m praying. I will share the scriptures I’m meditating on. I will also share the revelations, prophecies, and visions that I’m receiving from the Lord. All these will come in the form of a regular 100-Day Fast Newsletter.

Of course, a hundred days is a pretty long time to fast. It’s a tough climb; so it’s only for those who desperately desire supernatural interventions in their lives. I assure you, however, that God gives strength to the weak, and grace to the humble.

Now, I invite you to join us for this spiritual journey to the mountain-top of supernatural experiences.  If you are stirred to participate in this fast and be subscribed to the 100-Day Fast Newsletter, click here to sign up.