A Review of this Week’s Posts

Last week, through a series of sermons, posts, and podcasts, I began to share what the Holy Spirit has communicated to me at this time on the issue of worship. I have already posted 8 podcast episodes here on various aspects of this important spiritual practice.

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The list below contains the links to the posts and videos that have already been posted. I encourage you to take some time today to click on each link, and reflect on these key points regarding worship.

  1. Genuine Worship is Never Cheap: Worship is how you reveal the price-tag you put on God.
  2. The Heart of Worship: Genuine worship is not about what you say; it’s more about what you show.
  3. Worship is Sacrifice: Genuine worship is expensive.
  4. Worthless Worship: When your worship is devoid of your substance, it is worthless.
  5. Substantiate Your Worship: Genuine worship must always be expressed through substance.
  6. Worship Provokes Divine Intervention in Your Affairs: When God said “…No man should appear before the LORD empty-handed,” He is actually telling you to show Him why He should be involved in your life.
  7. Worship Lifts You: Genuine worship is a powerful and mysterious force. This is why God said in Deuteronomy 16:16, “…never appear before the Lord empty-handed.”
  8. Worship Neutralizes Your Mistakes: You may not be able to avoid making mistakes in life; but, through worship, you can keep those mistakes and their consequences from sabotaging your destiny.

I pray you’ll be helped by these messages to keep growing in your knowledge of God, and in your capacity to bless your world.