A Prophetic Guidance For All Blissfuls

Hello Blissfuls, on January 12 —long before the current global outbreak of the coronavirus— I delivered a message from the Holy Spirit. That message was titled ‘AS CAUTIOUS AS JESUS CHRIST’.

You should click on the following link to read the message again.


Make sure you do that before continuing the rest of today’s message.

In that message, long before the ongoing global pandemic, I wrote:

“In the spirit I have seen a sudden uptick in demonic activities. Especially in the air, the seas and even the roads. They are bloodthirsty and in a feeding frenzy. So, before you embark on any major travels over the next two to three weeks, be absolutely certain that the Holy Spirit Himself approves of it. Otherwise, avoid getting on a plane for a while—at least a month; till you get the green light of the Holy Spirit Himself in your spirit. Minimize excessive travels and movements.”

Now, the exact word I saw in that vision as the various scenes passed before me was ‘death in the air’. And as a matter of fact, I was given far more details than I shared in that message; far more than I could ever share at any time.

Prophets don’t get their information from the news media. Genuine prophets who have the confidence of the Holy Spirit, get visions from God before things start to manifest on earth. It’s a prophetic privilege.

Amos 3:7 NIV | Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.

Blissfuls, out of His great love for His own, the Holy Spirit showed me a lot of details regarding the plague that is about to ravage the earth—I say about to, because the worst of what I saw hasn’t hit yet; though I’m hoping we can stop it through relentless corporate intercession. He showed me exactly what’s going on, where it’s coming from, including the exact number that will die from initially from the virus.

Nevertheless, from what I have seen, there is no need for those that dwell in His secret place to panic. Remember, I delivered His message to you on this. The title was ‘THE WILDFIRE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL SHIELD YOU FROM THIS SATANIC POISON’.

Click on the link below to read that message:


I do not bring false hopes. I write as one that has stood in the counsel of the holy ones and seen what is yet to be. Prophetic vision is a real phenomenon and must be honored and treasured.

And now, I lay down the following instructions for all Blissfuls everywhere:

1. Read and meditate on the warning message: AS CAUTIOUS AS JESUS CHRIST.




3. Beware of fear mongering and propaganda on social media and the various news platforms of the world.

No need getting our info from media or propaganda.

4. Finally, know this: My Blissfuls will not be affected.

Anyone in the cloud of fire will not be touched at all. We must, however, be relentless in our prayers and intercession for others.

Please stay connected and follow closely. 🙏