A Miracle Husband, Or A Heart Of Worship?

A lot of pastors resort to mind-boggling gimmicks to squeeze money out of their members. I remember a particular incident that took place at a church sometime ago. This particular church was building a cathedral. They ‘hired’ a preacher, known for his oratory prowess to come and whip the congregation into a frenzy of giving to the cathedral project.

You won’t believe what happened next. The preacher made this pronouncement: “Ladies, if you want to get married, come out. If you can come out here with 50,000 naira, before the end of this month you will receive your miracle husband.” Ladies from different corners of the hall made a mad scramble for the pulpit where the preacher stood.

I hope you realize the psychological tactic being applied here. A lot of single ladies are enamoured with the idea of being married. My blog post “12 Steps To Attract The Right Man For Marriage” still remains the most viewed post on this blog! For the guys, it is money.

However, I have a question for these gullible ladies that fall for this gimmick all the time: “Why would you want a miracle husband?”  I mean if I was a lady, I would want my guy to be fully conscious and aware as he chooses me from all other ladies; not someone who just stumbled into the marriage or was hypnotized into it. How are you going to know that you are loved?

Going back to my story: all those ladies that came out are going to go home thinking that they had given to God and worshiped Him.  But did they really give to God? No; they were tricked! Some man abused his position and exploited their needs.

Now, that’s a different scenario from a young lady who walks into church full of love for God and gives to God from her heart. It is worship acceptable to God. She remembers the mercies and blessings of God on her life and, like the woman that broke the expensive jar of alabaster, she comes to the church and gives 50,000 naira to God. God looks at that and He smiles. Why? It’s voluntary, it’s  done cheerfully, and it comes from her heart.