Finally it has come: Festival of Home Churches 2010! Not only could I feel the excitement in the air; I could practically stick out my tongue and taste it. For us at Excellence Home Church, this week’s meeting  was  awesome.

We sang, danced, and made merriment. One of us sang an electrifying  number that got us all boogieing to the rhythm. We won’t have traded our gathering the evening for any other.

I was so filled with gratitude to God that I sincerely felt like weeping. To tell the truth, there is no place like being in God’s presence, fellowshipping with Him and with one another. I can now appreciate better what the author of the book of Psalms meant when he exclaimed:

I was so glad when they said  to me ‘let us go to the house of the lord’.

[Psalm 122:1]

All the goals we set at the beginning of our preparation for the festival are materializing one after another. For us at Excellence Home Church, we firmly believe in using our God-given talents to glorify God; that’s what we are about at this festival. We deem it an honour that the Lord has found us worthy to carry out this great task.

We took out time to rehearse for the African Night concert. It promises to be an experience of a lifetime. The different home churches will be glorifying God with their diverse talents. We are organizing an African fashion pageantry among other things. Personally, I can’t wait!

Have a splendid weekend.

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