A Covenant Platform Of Holy Spirit Love For Blissfuls

Hello my beloved Blissfuls, precious sweethearts of the Holy Spirit.

Remember why we’re here. It all began because the Holy Spirit revealed to me how much He loves you. Then last year He showed me that you love Him too.

He commanded me to pray for you without finding faults, and recently has told me to disciple you into deeper loyalty to Him.

And this is where we meet daily for fellowship. Each day, right here at RevWildfire.com—Rule Your Day—

  1. I deliver His message to the family.
  2. Then you leave your comments; especially your Amen.
  3. And, finally, I get back to you with your own Personal Prophetic Reply: His living words, direct and customized for your own unique circumstances.

This is our daily ritual. And it is powerful. Don’t let the fact that it’s a website blind you to the covenant power of this platform; a covenant between the Holy Spirit and Blissfuls; to answer our prayers and pull His favour on us; while we absolutely submit to His Lordship with radical loyalty.

So, learn to make the most of what we have going on here. Commit to reading Rule Your Day every day. Commit to leaving your comment daily. Commit to checking your Personal Prophetic Reply daily.

Let your commitment be unwavering and unbroken. If you have prayer requests, problems, needs, challenges and so on, do not be shy to put them in your comment. The One Who set up this covenant platform of love for His Blissfuls will definitely put a smile in your face, and fill your life with His pleasures.

Romans 16:20 NIV
The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.