A Cord Of Unbreakable Love

Good morning Blissful People!

Today is Testimonies Thursday! And I’m looking forward to reading all your testimonies.

Meanwhile, many of you are asking me, “Rev, how do I find and connect with other Blissful People in my area?”

Find and connect with other Blissful People in your area to eat together at the Lord’s Table on Table Tuesdays.

The answer is simple: If you are willing to obey God’s instruction through His messenger, if your heart is filled with love for Blissful People, and if you ask the Holy Spirit to help you, you will find the way.

Yesterday I told you that every member of our family of love was individually handpicked by the Holy Spirit Himself, to love Him and to follow Him.

I know that because He specifically told me. He told me that He chose each one of us long before this world was created. Then He sent you to me, sent me to you, and connected all of us with a cord of unbreakable love.

This is true.

Romans 5:5 NIV
[5] And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

So a cord of unbreakable love binds us together. This love from the Holy Spirit is the secret of Blissful People. And you and I are one in this love.

This love is pure. It is from heaven. It gives to all and expects nothing from anyone.

All Blissful People must understand this: It is this special love of the Holy Spirit that sets us apart from everyone else. It is all we have. Without it we’re nothing.

Precious Holy Spirit, please help each one of your Blissful People experience this powerful mysterious divine love from you. And help each one of us know and fulfill  our own place in this love. In Jesus name.

Now share your testimonies for today’s Testimonies Thursday!