A Chosen Generation

1 Peter 2:9 EEB | “But you are not like that. You are a special group of people that God has chosen. You serve God like priests. You are servants of God, the King. You are his own special people, who obey him completely. You belong to God himself. He has taken you out of the dark place of sin, and He has brought you into his great light. He has done all this so that you can tell people how great He is.”

The preceeding verse(s) say that some people can’t respond to God because God has made them that way. God has a family. They are a special group of people that He has chosen before time for His purpose. They are marked by their unflinching loyalty and love for God, and have God as the singular treasure of their hearts. They are His consecrated ones. The Wildfire family is a part of this family.

If God has enabled you to believe in Him, and poured His love in your heart, which results in total submission and obedience to His will, then know that you are a part of His family. You belong to Him. You are chosen by Him and for Him. You are a called out one; called to a lonely path and a lonely walk. You can no longer fit in.

So, quit trying to fit in, because you cannot be accepted. The reason you cannot be accepted is because you’ve been called out of the status quo, out of convention, and out of the traditions of men. You are a threat to the pattern of this world. Be very cool with that. Bliss be with you. 