A Bright And Shining Light In A Dark And Selfish World

Hello Holy Spirit Blissfuls!💕

If you cannot give up a million dollar opportunity in order to uphold justice, a righteous cause, or even your personal integrity, then what right do you have to expect others to do so?

Here’s a simple fact: Unless you habitually give up mouth-watering privileges and opportunities in order to please God in your life, your life is not worth much, no matter how much you have.

Esau saw an opportunity to satisfy his immediate hunger with a bowl of porridge. Instantly, he sold his birthright! What a fool.

Hebrews 12:16 KJV
Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright.

Moses, on the other hand, had fantastic opportunities to become the emperor of a mighty empire. But he shunned it in order to fight for the freedom of his people.

Hebrews 11:24-26 NIV
[24] By faith Moses, when he had grown up, refused to be known as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. [25] He chose to be mistreated along with the people of God rather than to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin. [26] He regarded disgrace for the sake of Christ as of greater value than the treasures of Egypt, because he was looking ahead to his reward.

How many of us reading this today can give up money, fame, positions, privileges and opportunities in order to promote righteousness, godliness and justice?

How many?

Many will lie and betray God just because one opportunity or the other opened up. Such pathetic choices leading to worthless lives—the kind of garbage life being lived today by materialism preachers and disgusting politicians.

But it doesn’t have to be so with us. If you have the Holy Spirit in you, it means you possess the power to be a Jesus martyr! In other words, the power to stand for God no matter the cost.

Refuse to be an Esau. Refuse to be a materialism preacher. Refuse to be a garbage politician. Refuse to be a greedy money-worshipping business man or woman. Refuse to be a self-centered worldly-minded Church goer.

Instead, become who the Holy Spirit Himself has empowered you to be: A Jesus Martyr; one who gives up heaven and earth in order to stand for God. A bright and shining light in a dark and selfish world.

And this is actually what it means to be a Blissful.