3 Common Sense Keys To Attract Mr. Right

You want to get married, but you are not able to attract the type of person you think you want. Well, I feel inclined to deal with that in this post; and pray your search ends today, right here, after reading this post.

The key word here is attract. And I’m going to be very frank with you.

For starters, here’s a thought: if you were a piece of wood, you wanted to attract a magnet, what would you do? Common sense should, of course, tell you that a magnet would never be attracted to wood.


So, why in the world then, are you attracted to personality types that are not, and may never be attracted to you?

Could it be a sign that a lot of things are out of whack in your psyche?

  1. A rogue gene in there somewhere?
  2. Low self-esteem and insecurities? You know, trying to keep up with the joneses, sort of?
  3. Outright insincerity? Pretending to be what you are not?
  4. Pride and arrogance?
  5. Self-rejection? Refusal to accept yourself?
  6. Demonic afflictions?

Well, make your pick.

Honestly, however — and I don’t mean this in a derogatory sense — I personally think it points to an internal disease that demands serious and immediate attention. Please, seek some spiritual and psychological help.

Whatever the root of this evil affliction, the common sense fact of the matter is this:

A magnet would never be attracted to a piece of wood.

Got that?

So, it’s not just enough to know that you want a certain kind of spouse — good looking, intelligent, resourceful, caring, godly, and strong — you must also know whether or not you are of the kind of material that would naturally attract and keep this sort of person.

Think of it like this:

Would a stable, strong, intelligent, godly, and resourceful man or woman, from a rock-solid family background, be naturally drawn to my kind of person?

As much as you can, carefully and meticulously study the details of the personality type, design, and nature of the spouse you think you want. Then ask yourself this simple question: Would this kind of person naturally be attracted to me?

But then, the answer to this question depends on your level of:
1. Self-awareness,
2. Personal sincerity, and
3. Brutal honesty with yourself.

And the unfortunate reality is that most people prefer to hide their heads in the sand, overestimate themselves, pretend to be what they are not, have unrealistic hopes and expectations that are completely disconnected from their practical realities. However, I must assume here that you are different; that you are not like most people.

So, say you are a log of wood, and you are self-aware and honest enough to admit it to yourself, but you still want to attract that piece of magnet, it should be easy for you to recognize these two viable options.

1. Transform yourself into a piece of iron in order to attract your magnet. 

I believe you get the drift here. Now, just don’t ask me how. I don’t know how, and I’m not interested in knowing, either; because I don’t like this option at all.

2. Realistically change the object of your desire in line with your design.

In this case, look for what is naturally drawn to logs of wood. I personally prefer this option.

Both are viable options, though.

But, wait a minute:

Why wait to attract when you can hunt, capture, subdue, and reel in?

Looks to me like folks who are waiting to attract are often irresponsible and indolent people that want to get something for nothing; you know, eat their cakes and have it at the same time.

Face it, smarty; nothing goes for nothing.

If you want to snack on shark, then head out to the ocean and face the music. No need hiding out in your backyard like a wimp, hoping a shark would just drop by!

Goodness, don’t be ridiculous!

You want a lion? Good. Now head out to the jungle or the zoo; that’s where lions live. They don’t live in the shopping mall.

I think you have a pretty clear idea of what I’m getting at here.

In that case, you should have figured out that I just gave you 3 common sense keys to attract your Mr. Right; 3 options for getting what you want.

1. Transform yourself,
2. Change your target, or
3. Go on the hunt!

And don’t forget to fix that rogue gene.

Now get off your wishy wishy, hopey dopey couch, and go for it.

Have a blissful week!