2012 Prophecies For Nigeria

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2012 Prophecies for Nigeria

Over the course of 3 months, I was taken into the spirit to the Council of the Holy Ones in God’s presence. There I saw terrifying visions of the Nigerian situation. In the vision, I saw the nation’s map, cut out from a rock and perched at the edge of a cliff. Then, it fell off and was dashed to pieces at the valley below. I was shown this horrible sight severally. Then I saw a date I loathe to mention; but I understood from the vision that by that date – which is unbelievably near – this nation may disintegrate into many parts. The scroll I saw and read after the vision was long and I have not been permitted to publish all of it here. Below are the 7 verses from the vision that the Lord has allowed me to make public. It calls for serious prayers and intercession. After reading, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and call for prayers there from every Nigerian. Then print it out and share with your congregation, families, churches; let everyone begin to cry to the Lord for His mercies.

Nigeria 2012

A stormy year lies ahead.
So much sufferings and many deaths.
So much bloodshed.A nation stands at the edge of a cliff,
about to be dashed to the rocks and splintered into multiple fragments.

A stormy year is ahead.
Many rise out of frustration;
great upset in many high places.
Many who are secure in their positions will lose them.
Many mighty ones shall fall, never to rise again.

Let the leaders be afraid.
Do not feel safe, because you are not.
You are completely exposed to the wrath of the Almighty.
Your chariots and horses will not protect you from His judgments.

Many whose wealth was ill-gotten will be buried in the storm.
Their shelters and strongholds will be shattered,
and those that depend upon them scattered.
The storm gathers, and there is the noise of conflict.
Swords clash in battle, and blood flow.

Do not try to hide, for you will be exposed.
Do not attempt to run, for you will be caught.
The Almighty has set a trap for the wicked.
They shall not escape.

Let the Ministers of the Lord tremble.
Those that have misled the people.

Let them fear,
those that have set other gods before His chosen ones.

Let them fall on their faces and weep in shame and disgrace.

Let those who fear the Lord, turn to Him in repentance and intercession.
Let them awake and lose the shackles of the spider’s web.
Let them give up their entanglements and comfort zones.
For it is time to seek the Lord.

3-Jan-2012| Update on Posts Responses…

In the last 17 days since I published these prophetic verses, this post has become the most visited and shared post on this blog. In the last 2 days alone, more than 2000 people have visited the article. I have received lots of emails asking several questions about the details of the vision that the Lord showed me. I am not at liberty to show those details as I am still interceding before the Lord, asking Him for mercy, considering that a lot of the things I saw are already beginning to happen.

I will answer some of your questions in the days and weeks ahead, particularly pertaining to what we can do at the individual level to ride this storm successfully.

In the meantime, I ask you to say or write a word prayer for the nation. You may never be able to fathom how far a word of prayer would go to help reset the spiritual configuration of this nation.

I promise to add my amen to your prayers, and pray that all the thousands who are reading and sharing these verses would drop their words of prayers on this page. Who knows, the Lord will hear and read our prayers, and have mercy.