200 Phenomenal Testimonies !!! (6)

Testimonies of God’s intervention and supernatural provisions from Dorsu Peace.

Phenomenal Testimony #10 | DORSU PEACE

“Praise the Lord. Before now, in my department, we couldn’t be promoted beyond a certain grade level. But God made it possible for the State Government to recognize our additional degrees and professional qualifications this October. God removed the obstacle to my promotion.

Phenomenal Testimony #11 | DORSU PEACE

“Also, after government recognized our professional qualifications, I needed to submit some of the documents required for the process and this will cost almost a #100,000. God surprised me and provided through unexpected channels. I appreciate God for lifting me. May His name be forever praised.”

Phenomenal Testimony #12 | DORSU PEACE

“Sometime ago, the State Government decided to reduce the salary of workers because of Covid19. I announced it during our home church meeting, and Pastor Chidinma told us to continue to declare God’s words given to us during Prayer Connect:

(1) God Will Provide.
(2) We will enjoy extravagant abundance.
I made this word my profile picture on WhatsApp and also my phone screen saver.

To God be the glory, all of a sudden, the salary was restored back. I have come to give God all the glory for his faithfulness and promises in my life. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!!!”

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