200 Phenomenal Testimonies !!! (4)

More testimonies are pouring in!

Phenomenal Testimony #6 | PASTOR GRACE TIMOTHY

“On 9th October 2020, I received an unexpected message from a friend/sister asking me to send my account details. I did and 4 days later, I got a bank alert for the highest amount of money I’ve received in many years.
I did not ask for it. My only hope was in God to provide for the particular project I needed the funds for. God did it this season of 200 phenomenal testimonies, and I am here to return all the glory to Him.
Plus, I’m still in shock as to how the funds was put together by her and members of her church family before being sent to me. It’s a pure miracle and great show of love.
Thank you, precious Holy Spirit, and may God bless everyone He used to make this miracle happen in my life and Mission hub.”

Phenomenal Testimony #7 |PASTOR GRACE TIMOTHY

“During PC some days ago, Reverend said we should ask the Holy Spirit for one thing and I asked for debt cancellation. I had 2 debts written off in quick succession. Glory to God!”

Phenomenal Testimony #8 | PASTOR GRACE TIMOTHY

“I prayed to God to help me in my weight loss journey and He has been faithful. Thank you so much, Compassionate Jesus.”

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