200 Phenomenal Testimonies !!! (3)

More testimonies are pouring in!

Phenomenal Testimony #5 | AZUBUIKE

“In the beginning of October 2020 on PC, Reverend spoke as he heard the Holy Spirit that this is our month of testimonies. I received that word and wrote it on my calendar.
Last week on PC he said we should write what we want the Holy Spirit to do for us and one of the things I wrote was business expansion.
Friday last week I was highly favored In my business. The volume of transaction I closed was what will take me 3 to 4 months to achieve, but I got it in a day; and the vessel God used is a person that stopped doing business with us since last year for reasons I don’t know.
I Know this is just the beginning. I have come to say thank you Lord. I return all the Glory to God.”

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