200 Phenomenal Testimonies !!! (2)

As I announced yesterday on PC and RYD, the Holy Spirit touched me and showed me to expect 200 phenomenal testimonies on Prayer Connect over the next several days. If you weren’t on PC during this announcement, then you should rewatch the video below to connect and participate in this blessing. Don’t be left out of what’s flowing this season from the Holy Spirit.

And as I also told us yesterday, the testimonies have already started raining! I began to feel the first droplets on my spirit almost immediately! So it’s already happening.

Over the next several days, as the testimonies start to pour in, I’ll be posting them here for your encouragement and inspiration. I’ll keep posting them till we hit the number 200! My prayer is that your own testimonies will be listed in the number. I pray you’ll not be left out this season in Jesus name.

Here are the first ones to come in.

Phenomenal Testimony #1

Last week Reverend prayed for my mother who had a lot of pain on her shoulder, this pain had been going on for a long time but after the prayer, she had a dream that she was at a hospital and was booked for surgery for that pain but a man told her to go home that she didn’t have any more need for the surgery and then she woke up with the pain completely gone. I’ve returned to give God all the glory and praise.
Ụzọ Ekenna

Phenomenal Testimony #2

I developed severe chest pain and high blood pressure after my brother died last year. Few months ago, I told Reverend about it during one of our discussions. Few days later, we had a heavily anointed prayer session on Prayer Connect. And as Reverend prayed, the terrible chest pain disappeared till date. I checked my blood pressure severally with different instruments and it was perfect.(All my life, my blood pressure readings have never been that low).
I am grateful to the Holy Spirit for healing me.
Pastor Chidinma

Phenomenal Testimony #3

Regarding my accomodation, God promised to bring me to a spacious place. During one of the prayer sessions on Prayer Connect, Rev Wildfire asked us to write a single prayer point. I wrote a new house as my prayer point. And truly God gave me a very very spacious place shortly after.
Pastor Chidinma

Phenomenal Testimony #4

I am grateful to God for the peace and confidence produced in my heart by the Holy Spirit through the words He gives Rev Wildfire during Prayer Connect.
Sometimes, I hear words on Prayer Connect that confirm what the Holy Spirit had said to me earlier. Today, Reverend announced a rain of miracles, thereby confirming the same word God gave us during our home church meeting last Monday. I am grateful to God for His living words on Prayer Connect.
Pastor Chidinma

More testimonies are also broadcast live during Blissful Living on Prayer Connect.

Tune in daily to experience this season’s phenomenal testimonies from the Holy Spirit. And, remember, do not hold back your testimonies as they start falling upon you.

Email your Praise Reports to blissfulliving@revwildfire.com