200 Phenomenal Testimonies !!! (15,16)

A testimony of supernatural grace from Dr Chikezie E Ụzụegbunam.

Phenomenal Testimony #15| Dr Chikezie E Ụzụegbunam

“Good evening Revd. I’m inspired to share these two testimonies:

The first one might seem like nothing to someone else, but to me it means so much.
I didn’t know how to ride a bicycle, have never ridden one before. So, recently, I told myself that I’ve to check it off my bucketlist. A friend started teaching me last week.

The first day, it felt so difficult, I thought I’d never improve. I kept muttering prayers to the Holy Spirit to help me.

Today, I rode effortlessly on my own, after only 3 previous lessons! I felt on top of the world and my friend was surprised too at my progress. I feel so grateful to the Holy Spirit. Indeed, it may look small, but to me it’s a phenomenal testimony.”

Phenomenal Testimony #16| Dr Chikezie E Ụzụegbunam

The second reason I want to specially appreciate God is for my Mom. For keeping her healthy, safe and whole. It was her birthday on Sunday. She lives in Spain and Spain has been one of the countries most hit by the covid-19 pandemic.

I’ve been worried sick for her for several months, but the words of assurance from Prayer Connect has been everything. I’m incredibly grateful.”

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