200 Phenomenal Testimonies !!! (13)

A testimony of supernatural guidance and protection from Priscilla Barrai.

Phenomenal Testimony #13 | PRISCILLA BARRAI

“I’d been away from my place for several weeks. Just when I was due to go back home, the #EndSARS protest heated up on the only road that led to my place. Day after day I hoped and prayed it would end and I could go home.

The only thread of hope for me at the time was knowing that Holy Spirit was with me.

In my sleep on Saturday night, the Holy Spirit woke me up to see a written note before my eyes on which was written, ‘I will lead you, I will guide you, I will make a way. I will never leave you nor forsake you.’

On Sunday morning, I left for my place. I arrived without a hitch on the way. The question from my neighbours was, ‘How and where did you pass?’

About two hours after I got home, there was news of unrest on the very road that I came through. I even got messages and phone calls from well wishers not to venture out of where I was. I am grateful to the Lord for His word, grace and safety.”

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