I Am Content With Our Home Church

It is important as God’s child to be content in the assignment that God has given you. God has given me the Home Church vision to execute; and to be honest, I ‘m excited about that. I am content with the Home Church movement.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.”
~1Timothy 6:6

God is my witness, I do not look at ministries that pack stadiums with crowds, and ever have a pang of desire to be like them. I’m content; and because of that, I can see the enormous potential of the Home Church campaign. I see tremendous greatness in my assignment from God; and I’m giving it all my attention. I’m focused on developing that potential and greatness. I understand that God wants to do something huge with the Home Church movement.

You must be content with what you have. As God’s offspring, you must understand that there is an aspect of God that you were uniquely designed to manifest. It is that for which He sent you into this world. So you must focus your energy and resources on expressing that part of divinity that God uniquely designed you to reveal. Don’t bother looking over your shoulder at what God has given another.  Discover your unique assignment, and be content with it!

In addition, during your morning devotions ask God daily to provide for you and also the wisdom to multiple the little that you have. This state of the mind can only exist when you have contentment in your heart. So, each day of your life, ask God for the help to live a contented life.

Memory Verse:
1Timothy 6:6
“But godliness with contentment is great gain.”

Father, I thank you that I am uniquely designed to manifest an aspect of You. Please Father, help me to be content with expressing that divinity in the assignments that You have given to me, in Jesus’ name.