Welcome to my personal blog!

All of our missions efforts, including this website, are strictly focused on the group of people God sent me to: The Consecrated Ones.

My writings here are essentially journals of my inward journey of self-discovery—my questions, discoveries, experiences, and lessons. But they flow from the deepest fountains of the Spirit of God, and contain messages given to me by Him to deliver to the Consecrated Ones. And it is very possible that in them you may gain the light to find your own way.

So, as long as you love God with all your heart, and as long as you are willing to think your own thoughts and reach your own conclusions, you’re welcome to share in my journeys.

Where to Begin?

You may start by reading up the following messages:

  1. Obey the Gospel
  2. The Single-Eyed Way of Life
  3. To The Consecrated Ones
  4. Conserving The Consecrated Ones
  5. Who is A Consecrated One?

Discover Yourself